Contemporary desk phones that offer excellent sound quality, elegant design and optimized ergonomics for a superior communication experience.

Stay ahead of the competition by investing in world-class telephony equipment that offers premium sound quality, optimized ergonomic designs and an impressive list of advanced features and add-ons. Available with IP or digital (TDM) technologies, all Premium DeskPhones Models are compatible with each other, allowing you to mix and match models depending on your business needs.

The superb build quality of these phones, as well as their impressive list of features and add-ons, ensures that your investment today will offer excellent communication services for many years to come.

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Outstanding audio quality for extensive use and large color screen

The 8058s Premium DeskPhone helps managers, knowledge workers and sales reps collaborate. It delivers outstanding conversation quality with the superwideband(1), an alphabetic keyboard and a large color screen to display your corporate logo.

8058s Premium DeskPhone

Intuitive touch experience for managers and knowledge workers

The 8078s Premium DeskPhone allows managers and executive instantly connect by using a touch screen. Enjoy more privacy with the Bluetooth handset and superior audio-quality with the superwideband(1) technology.

(1) Embedded wideband support. Superwideband requires software upgrade. The smartphone pairing via Bluetooth will be available in H2 2019. 

Check availability with your Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise representative.

8078s Premium DeskPhone


  • Enjoy superb quality voice, provided by wide-band audio
  • Enhance employee productivity with advanced features and a wide range of accessories


  • Plug and play provisioning
  • IPv6 ready SIP survivability (MLE only)
  • Embedded software encryption capabilities (MLE only)
  • Add-on modules, headsets available
  • Adjustable foot stand ranging from 25° to 60°, all units are also wall mountable

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